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This app is a real, honest to goodness sensitive altimeter. It has all kinds of “smart” features you will not find on your panel. avAltimeter includes features like density altitude, estimated true airspeed and takeoff run. It also gives you an altitude-based oxygen alarms and much more.


Crosswind-Live! shows you the currently reported winds drawn on a map of the runways of your selected airport. Crosswind-Live! computes the crosswind and headwind or tailwind for each direction of all the runways.

Civil Twilight Calculator

Need to know tonight’s civil twilight for flight planning? Trying to log FAA “night” flying for proficiency currency? This is the App! It is totally self-contained so you can use it in-flight, therefore no internet is required. In addition, the App gives you Nautical and Astronomical twilight times too.


This app is the easiest to use official aviation weather. No clicking, tapping, or typing. Just open the app and get the current and recent METAR reports for your area. You can look at weather for a 25 mile radius, 50 miles or 100 miles from your location). Sort your weather by age, bearing, or distance. Automatic translation from METAR-speak to English! Clear yourself for takeoff with the best official information available!