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avAltimeter is a digital, aviation-oriented altimeter. It is the only iOS altimeter app which has the Kollsman adjustment. Pilots need that Kollsman to adjust the altimeter to the current barometer setting, or to 29.92 inches of mercury for the pressure altitude. Need a quick backup for your panel? avAltimeter uses the latest Apple and Bosch technology built into the iPhone 6 and later models. Earlier iPhones do not have the pressure sensor built-in and can not use this App. iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro and later iPad models do have required the pressure sensor.


avAltimeter calculates the temperature sensitive Density Altitude. Based on the Density Altitude, the app also calculates True Airspeed as a multiple of Indicated Airspeed. avAltimeter also shows a rough estimate of the increased Take-Off distance from that listed in your POH at sea level due to Density Altitude.

Increased Safety!

Know your oxygen requirements. avAltimeter tracks your altitude and warns you to use oxygen when you exceed FAA mandated limits.


avAltimeter can be customized. Choose Imperial or Metric units. Select Day or Night  lighting. Turn the audio alarms for oxygen on or off. Improve the take-off run estimate by picking your prop type: constant speed or fixed pitch.


The Bosch sensor used by Apple is sensitive to changes in altitude of three feet or less and has an estimated range from -1500 feet to over 20,000 feet.


Unlike other aviation apps, avAltimeter uses real barometric pressure to calculate altitude, not some GPS estimate. Air traffic control needs barometric pressure. Other barometer apps do not have a Kollsman window. They don’t let you set the current field atmospheric pressure as required!

avAltimeter gets around!

Check out avAltimeter in lots of interesting cockpits!

Legal Disclaimer

This is an app! It is not an FAA approved flight instrument because it has not been certified. It does not meet the relevant TSO specifications. avAltimeter is great for extra situational awareness, however, this app can not be used as a primary flight instrument.


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