Crosswind — Live!

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Taildragger Pilots! Student Pilots! Nose wheelers! CFIs!
Crosswind Live is for You!

Crosswind Live is a unique and very useful little app for pilots.

Taking off and landing an airplane requires special skill and techniques when wind is blowing across a runway, especially if the airplane is a “taildragger” or “conventional gear” aircraft. This app knows most runways around the world and connects in real time to official aviation weather sources to compute just how much wind is blowing down the runway and how much across it.

A great teaching tool and instructional aid for CFIs.  Know which runway has the best wind. Know the crosswind component when ATC gives you a different runway.  King Schools offers a free on-line video course called “Crosswind Landings Made Easy“.

The app has an internal database of over 45,000 airports and over 55,000 runways worldwide. If you have any form of internet connection the app will fetch live METAR weather data from the area around the airport reporting station closest to you and automatically compute the actual headwind / tailwind and crosswind components for all the known runways. You can also select any airport in the database and display that airport’s runways and current wind. The app can show you extra airport data including runway details like touchdown zone elevation, displaced thresholds and slope. You also get the full, most recent METAR weather report.