avWx User's Manual

The AvWx App is designed to be as simple as possible! All pilots need the current local ceilings, visibility and wind. This app provides all that weather and more just by opening the app!

The weather information comes straight from the live US National Weather Service feed, the same as all the other expensive yet complicated to use flight bag apps.



At the top of the screen are two indicators, one for the GPS, the other for the internet/network connection. If they are both green, all is well. If one or both are red, the device is not connecting and you might try stepping out in the open to see the sky or to check your settings in the device's System Preferences.

Below the indicators are a set of buttons. These buttons select the METARs that you see and how they are sorted. On the left are the "Sort By" buttons. Here you can control how the METARs are listed inn the table. You can sort by distance from your current position, by the bearing to the reporting station from your current position, or by the age of the report. When you sort by Head, or bearing to the station, the reporting stations are sorted, starting from North and listed clockwise by the number of degrees from North.

On the right side of the screen are buttons which determine the reporting radius: 25, 50, or 100 statute miles. Usually 25 miles will suffice, but if you are in a sparsely populated region, an area with few medium to large airports, or going on a cross-country flight, you may select up to 100 miles.

In the middle of the screen between the sets of buttons is a single button labeled Nearest Station. If you tap this button, the app will show you the translated METAR report of the closest station, no matter how you have the table of reports sorted.

In the middle of the screen is the main display, a table of the METAR reports, and the airports they came from.

The bold title of each entry in the table is the ICAO station name and its bearing and distance from your current location. Below this title is the actual METAR report, in the standard abbreviated code we all learned to love. Tap on an airport entry and a pop-up will appear with the English translation of the METAR.

At the request of several users of AvWx, the translated report now includes Dew Point (in degrees C), and the App calculates the estimated relative humidity, and the estimated cloud base (based on the standard lapse rate and the dew point spread).

At the bottom of the screen is a button labelled Aviametrix. Tap this to go to the app's web page, this support document, and the Contact Aviametrix page.




AvWx App V1.02

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