Civil Twilight Calculator

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Pilots often need to know when night occurs. The FAA uses several different times of day for calling night or day, depending on the purpose. Civil Twilight Aviation Calculator does them all.

Most Apps find the twilight times by going to a database on the internet. That means you need a network connection to use them.

Civil Twilight Calculator is unique because it does all the celestial calculations internally! No internet required! Find the start of night at your destination while you are still in the air!

Lots of features:

Find sunrise and sunset at your current GPS location

Find sunrise and sunset at any airport in the world (The app knows the locations for 11,000 airports around the world). Know the accurate times for FAA currency and for logging.

If you do have Internet (WiFi or Cell Data), you can look up the twilight times at any street address in the world.

Civil Twilight Calculator can calculate sunrise and sunset accurately forwards and backwards in time for many years, if you want to look up a time.

It calculates standard Sunrise/Sunset, Civil Twilight, Nautical Twilight, and Astronomical Twilight.

The App will show you the relevant FAA regulations if you need a refresher!